101 Reasons

The main campaign image, Reason 1 of the 101 Reasons campaign, showing farm-like rows of vegetables in an Abel & Cole delivery box full of soil on a doormat – a farm to your door.

Abel & Cole – Organic September campaign

Part 1/5: Acquisition DM

Senior design by Michelle Evans, Senior copywriting by Barry Lattimore-Quinn, campaign photography by Gary Congress, social media and video by Fred Mackenzie, email design by Berta Barcia, web design by Sam Roberts with recipe styling by Jassy Davis and Sam Richards.

Organic food subscription business, Abel & Cole coincide their biggest campaign of the year with the Soil Association’s Organic September activities.

I planned a campaign that focussed on A&C’s core brand but visually stood apart from their usual marketing comms. The 101 Reasons campaign aimed to educate, entertain and inform customers. Content would be varied yet consistent and easy to tailor for different marketing channels.

It’s a broad campaign, so I’ve split it up to make it easier to digest; on this page you can see some direct mail acquisition work.

Acquisition DM

A double sided letter and a booklet mailed out in a custom envelope. Content is tailored for registrants, recipe box customers and lapsed customers. Various ‘reasons’ are added throughout to enhance the message and deliver the campaign. Reason 1, takes the lead to give an element of consistency as recipients move through the customer journey.

The front of a direct mail letter showing Reason 1 imagery and an introductory offer. The back of a direct mail letter showing Reason 59, which is about recipe boxes. Reason 59 shows a delicious crab laska. The envelope that the direct mail letter was mailed out in. It features Reason 21, which is about their delivery vans. The front cover of the booklet customers received with the letter, showin Reason 1 for consistency. An inside spread from the booklet with a page title “why Choose Organic” and another with Reason 43, which is about WoolCool packaging. Reason 43 shows an image of a sheep.

Acquisition emails

Invite, reminder and final reminder emails were sent to each of the segments and customised to their needs. Again, the primary lime green reason 1 takes precedence.

An email using Reason 1 imagery, sent to customers to back up the letter.

Acquisition landing page

We redesigned the Abel & Cole landing page to fit the campaign. Prospective customers get a consistent journey whether they come to it via email or DM (or another method).

The acquisition hompage designed to match the campaign using Reason 1.