101 Reasons

Reason 76 from the 101 Reasons campaign. This one talks about the 76 billion organisms that live in a handful of healthy soil. It show a pile of soil with a population flag sticking out of the top.

Abel & Cole – Organic September campaign

Part 2/5: Acquisition

Senior design by Michelle Evans, Senior copywriting by Barry Lattimore-Quinn, campaign photography by Gary Congress, social media and video by Fred Mackenzie, email design by Berta Barcia, web design by Sam Roberts with recipe styling by Jassy Davis and Sam Richards.

Further acquisition material from the 101 Reasons campaign for Abel & Cole. Here we have a recommend a friend scheme, magazine inserts, advertising and some social media posts.

Recommend a friend

These schemes allow customers act as brand ambassadors for you and recommend a product they love to their friends. The 101 campaign was applied to Abel & Cole’s RAF scheme to make it feel current and to give it a consistent look and feel throughout the customer journey for both customer and friend.

Customer’s can recommend A&C to their friends through two routes, with a set of tear off vouchers delivered in their weekly fruit and veg box and though a landing page on the website. Several supporting emails are sent out during the process.

A Recommend a Friend voucher booklet showing the front and back when closed and also open, with one of the vouchers torn off. The vouchers use Reason 20, which is about sharing Abel & Cole with your friends. It features a bouquet if rainbow chard being passed as you would a bunch of flowers to a friend. An email that matches the voucher books with the same bouquet of chard and some simple steps the recipient can take to sign up to Abel & Cole’s service. The Recommend a Friend landing page was matched to the campaign, it shows the form a customer would fill in to ask a friend if they'd like to sign up.

Inserts, adverts and social

Simple DL flyers were inserted into a wide variety of magazines with reasons that would appeal to their readerships. We also ran a number of magazine adverts and supported the campaign with social media posts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

A selection of DL sized magazine inserts showing different reasons from the campaign. The first, Reason 56, is about ethical eating and shows a fruit and veg box. The second, Reason 1, shows the main campaign image of farm-like rows of veg in a soil filled delivery box on a door mat – a farm to your door. The third has a heart made out of red and purple veg and is Reason 31, about addative free food. The last one shows Reason 73, aimed at foodie shoppers and shows a box of specialist produce. A spread from a magazine showin a full-page advert with Reason 82 on the left (the biggest variety of organic food this side of the globe artichoke) and a recipe on the right. A Twitter post showing a dairy farmer from Brown Cow Organics holding a plaquard bearing Reason 37, which is about dairy cows. She’s standing in a field of her brown cows. A Twitter post showing two Abel & Cole employees holding a plaquard with Reason 1 on it. A Twitter post showing two Able & Cole employees holding up a plaquard with Reason 21 on it. Reason 21 is about their delivery vans.