101 Reasons

Reason 22 from the 101 Reasons campaign. It shows a tasty fish dish and is about being able to order just one recipe per week.

Abel & Cole – Organic September campaign

Part 3/5: Retention – Weekly Content

Senior design by Michelle Evans, Senior copywriting by Barry Lattimore-Quinn, campaign photography by Gary Congress, social media and video by Fred Mackenzie, email design by Berta Barcia, web design by Sam Roberts with recipe styling by Jassy Davis and Sam Richards.

As part of Abel & Cole’s 101 Reasons campaign, we planned weekly content for existing customers over the month of September. Content, themes and products were matched across newsletters, e-zines and the homepage.

Week one focussed on suppliers, farmers and their produce. Week two took a look at organic meat. Three discussed organic dairy. And four introduced A&C’s new cookbook (How to eat brilliantly every day) and single recipe meal kits.

The first week’s e-zine, which uses Reason 76 and shows a pile of soil with a flag that reads “Population 76,000,000,000” sticking out if it and is about healthy organic soil. It also shows a variety of organic farmers. It's a deep pink colour to match the other week 1 comms Week 1’s printed newsletter, which shows Reason 31, no additives. It’s a deep pink to match the other week 1 comms. The week 1 homepage showing a big banner with Reason 31 and tailored products beneath it. It uses the same deep pink colour as the other week 1 comms for consistency. The second week’s e-zine, which uses Reason 84 and shows a chicken with a halo looking at a Good Chicken award (that also happens to feature a chicken with a halo) and is about the award winning chicken Abel & Cole sell. Beneaqth the Reason are stories on several meat suppliers. It’ a rich green to match the other week 2 comms. Week 2’s printed newsletter showing Reason 12 – far higher than average animal welfare. It shows chickens clucking about. It’s a rich green to match the other week 1 comms. The week 2 homepage showing Reason 41 (free-ranging animals that feed on natural plants), which has a picture of a sheep feasting on wild flowers. The banner is the same rich green as the other week 2 comms. The third week’s e-zine features Reason 97 – award-winning milks and shows bottles of Abel & Cole milk floating (the cream rises to the top). Beneath the Reason are stories about several of Abel & Cole’s dairy suppliers. The email is primarily bright blue to match the rest of week 3’s comms. The week 3 printed newsletter shows Reason 37 and is about the space organic dairy cows get to roam in and shows a brown dairy cow. It uses the same bright blue as the rest of the week 3 comms. The week 3 homepage features a bright blue banner with Reason 25 – tiny model cyclists cycling up wedges of cheese, made to look like mountains (for mountains of cheese are something Abel & Cole certainly have). Week 4’s e-zine features Reason 22, which is about single recipe boxes and a plate of tasty food. Beneath it are profile on a couple of Able & Cole’s recipe writers and stylists. The e-zine is a deep purple colour, which is used across the final week’s comms. The printed e-zine for week 4 shows Reason 70, which is about recipes for your favourite veg. It shows a leek prepared in lots of different ways. It uses the deep purple colour featured on the other week 4 comms. The week 4 homepage main banner features the same purple as the other comms and Reason 59, which is about organic recipe boxes and the choice you have with the service. It shows a grid of different meals on plates.