Abel & Cole Projects

A colourful heart shape made out of a rainbow of fruit and veg

A year at Abel & Cole – pt1

Campaign photography throughout by Gary Congress with food styling by Jassy Davis and Sam Richards. Senior design by Michelle Evans and Senior copy by Barry Lattimore-Quinn with additional copy by Oli Kuscher and Craig Seymour.

I was Head of Creative Content at Abel & Cole for 2017 (and the start of 2018) as maternity cover. I managed a team of twelve talented creative folk, and we produced a great deal of work over the year. Some of those projects can be seen below.

A photo of the dairy product range, laid out together.

New dairy range

Abel & Cole has long had own-brand products in it’s store but there has been no consistent style or identity for them. The dairy range was the first part of an expansion of own-brand lines and so deserved a consistent identity to be used across all Abel & Cole packaging.

The dairy range consisted of milks, cheeses, yoghurt, butter and eggs. It involved co-ordinating a number of suppliers and printers.

The egg range, showing the variety of egg carton colours. A photo of Abel & Cole’s milk range. A photo of some of the cheese from the new dairy range.

Buyer’s Choice

Buyer’s Choice was a monthly subscription box that started just before I began my maternity cover. The Abel & Cole buying team would choose the finest produce from their specialisation and these would be brought together as a luxury hamper. Always a quick turn-around, it featured recipes and supplier stories. A printed concertina-fold from a mid spring box can be seen below.

The front and back of a Buyer’s Choice concertina-style brochure, laid out flat. It shows serving suggestions and supplier stories as well as an introduction to the buyers.

Ideal Homes Show exhibition stand

We had a stand at the 2017 Ideal Homes Show at Kensington Olympia in the food exhibitors section. Many people at Abel & Cole pitched in (with a lot of paint and trips to B&Q) to get this ready in time. I wanted a physical, rustic stand that represented the food and company well. Here you can see it in the later stages of construction.

A nearly-finished exhibition stand that was at London’s Ideal Homes Show in 2017. It's designed to be physical and rustic and in-keeping with Able & Cole’s aesthetic.

Weekly box comms

One of my first tasks at Abel & Cole was to reinstate weekly box comms – in particular the popular newsletters, which have proved to be good for customer retention. Newsletters are quick turnaround pieces related to what’s in season – supplier stories, recipes, charity initiatives or simply info on the fruit and veg customers have received in their weekly box.

A selection of four newsletters, laid out. There are a variety of subjects, from tomatoes to brassica farmers.

A New Cookbook

We published a 272 page hardback cookbook with Ebury Press in September 2017. It’s full of delicious recipes and beautiful photography – you can find it on Amazon or Abel & Cole. Cover illustrations by Darling Clementine.

A photo of the front cover of the Able & Cole cookbook that was published in 2017 along with a spread showing a simple radish recipe.

Seasonal books

The changing of the seasons sees changes in eating habits and produce. To celebrate these, Abel & Cole often produce books to inspire and inform. Below you can see the summer book. I wanted a fresh and light feel with lots of lifestyle photography showing BBQs and outdoor eating.

The front cover of the 2017 summer brochure, sent out in customer’s boxes. It shows a walnut salad with nectarines. A spread from the summer book showing a range of vegetables coming into season. A spread from the summer book showing showing a picnic scene and a range of products you might want to take on a picnic yourself. A spread from the summer book showing a selection of the fruits coming into season. On the right is a recipe for a fruit pavlova.