Harrods and the Motorcar

A close-up shot of the gold foiled cover title and vintage Harrods van on the leather-like Harrods green cover.

A book celebrating Harrods’ history with the motorcar

Written by Sophie Murray in collaboration with Sebastian Wormwell & Helen Wong from the Harrods Archive.

A limited run book that takes a look at Harrods’ relationship with the motorcar from its precursor the horse and cart through delivery vans, car hire services and motorsports to the store’s modern car promotions.

It was a premium quality book produced to the highest standards. Specifications: Winter Materials Quinel Nubuck slipcase and cover, with Colorplan Citrine Yellow slipcase lining and end-papers. Title gold foiled and de-bossed on slipcase, cover and spine. Two ribbons, green and yellow headbands. Colorplan Natural White inner pages.

The book cover with gold and green ribbons peaking out from between the pages. A spread from the book showing Harrods horse and cart deliveries in 1895. A spread from the book showing the opening of Harrods’ motor car department in 1902. A spread from the book showing Harrods exhibiting cars at Kensington Olympia in 1925. A spread from the book showing a modern day window exhibition at Harrods with a Rolls Royce Ghost in bright pink in support of Breat Cancer Care. A spread from the book showing cars used in Harrods’ Pradasphere exhibition windows. A close-up shot of the Harrods H logo foiled in gold on the spine of the book. The book is in it’s matching slipcase. A photo showinf the rich, yellow lining paper inside the slipcase. A close-up of the colour coordinated ribbons.