Cash Rewards 2014

The passport-style crest that forms the logo for the 8 month long campaign.

Annual CRM Marketing Campaign

Email design by Martin Matthews

Running for around nine months of the year, Cash Rewards is Harrods’ largest CRM campaign. The points that rewards scheme members have accrued get converted into money for them to spend in-store. The campaign is broken down into five phases across the year starting with a main launch in February and ending with final expiry warnings in October. Various incentives are offered along the way to entice the customer into spending their cash reward.

I based this year’s concept around the customer exploring the store and seeing the sights at Harrods. Each phase of the campaign comprised a printed direct mailer and 3x emails, each of them personalised. There were two phases of store-wide signge along with digital assets for the website and social media channels.

The front of the phase 1 DM, which resembles a passport – a passport to shop. The back of the phase 1 DM, a cutout allows the personalised center spread to show through.

Phase 1

The concept started with a ‘passport’ – a prerequisite to travel. A lavish invitation with an embossed, silver foiled crest, die-cut cover, personalised inner with stamps from the departments the customer liked to shop in. All together I illustrated about 30 different passport stamps.

A personalised spread from the passport showing some of the passport stamps I designed; womenswear, menswear, food halls, mini harrods, fine jewellery and accessories. A personalised spread from the passport showing some of the passport stamps I designed; womenswear, fine watches, food halls, pet kingdom and the wine shop.

Phase 2

The second phase featured a die-cut, 4pp mailer that resembled a pile of luggage tags from areas around the store, furthering the travel concept. The campaign’s crest is picked out on the front cover in the same silver foil as the first invitation.

The back of the phase 2 DM, which resembles a pile of luggage tags. The customer address is on the central tag. The front of the phase 2 DM, a big campaign blue tag sits in the middle clearly displaying the campaign’s crest. A phase 2 email, with swinging luggage tags to match the DM.

Phase 3

Phase three offered a prize draw to win a luxury holiday upon spending your cash reward. The direct mail piece takes the form of a large luggage tag that opens by rotating round a pivot at the top of the tag.

The phase 3 tag, opening on it's pivot to reveal some of the competition inside. The silver foil crest is on the front.

Phase 4

The fourth phase of the campaign shows the breadth of products on offer by giving the customer a concertina-folded store guide styled to match the campaign.

The phase 4 DM, which is a concertina folded store guide with each panel showing a different floor of the store.

Phase 5

By phase five the customers’ points have expired and they must register to get them back. The fifth direct mail piece took the form of an expired passport with its corner snipped off and an expired sticker sealing it shut and is a nice nod to to the start of the campaign.

The phase 5 DM – A simpler passport that recalls the phase 1 passport only this one has the top right corner snipped off and is held shut by an expired sticker. A grid of plasma screens showing Cash Reward reminders. An A5 table top sign for the cash rewards campaign. A pillar with a banner on it advertising the cash rewards campaign.

Internal Communications: Due to the size and duration of the campaign, I produced promotional and training materials for Harrods staff. Training guides in the style of the campaign were used along with a re-skin of the internal website, competitions and signage in staff areas.

Door signs on every entrance during the opening month of the campaign.