Contact Update

The front of the Contact Update DM, showing a detailed illustration of Harrods in terracotta at daytime. The logos are picked out in silver soil.

Illustrative CRM mailer

It’s important to get in touch with customers each year to check that their contact details are up to date. It’s particularly important for lapsed customers. Here you can see the print part of Harrods’ Contact Update mailer, produced with the CRM marketing team for Harrods Rewards customers. Digital versions were also made for email, with the lights twinkling and the image animating from day to night.

The concept revolves around never missing out, day or night and was a nod to the store having just extended it’s opening hours later into the night. I chose an illustrative route for this one – I did the initial drawing of Harrods in Adobe Illustrator and then shaded it in using Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom tablet. It’s a simple bi-fold mailer but printed on Fedrigoni Splendorgel stock with elements picked out in silver foil to give it a premium feel.

The Contact Update DM open, showing the inside. The illustration of Harrods is now at nightime and all of the buildings lights are picked out in twinkling silver foil. A look at the daytime illustration of Harrods, away from the DM setting A look at the nighttime illustration of Harrods, away from the DM setting