Fashion Sale Preview

Campaign photograph from the Fashion Sale Preview campaign showing a seated mannequin in an orange dress that’s disintegrating into smoke

Fashion Sale Preview – SS/16 CRM Marketing Campaign

Campaign photography by Ted Humble-Smith, photographic art direction by Barney Pickard, emails design by Robert Caterall and plasma screen animation by Burim Metolli.

Fashion Sale Preview is a marketing campaign run by Harrods’ CRM team and targets members of the Harrods Rewards loyalty scheme. It allows them exclusive, early access to a summer or winter sale.

For a good number of years, this campaign has used fashion illustration as it’s main graphical device. I wanted to do a photographic campaign to bring it more in line with the main Harrods sales. We did a fantastic shoot which used smoke bombs, custom mannequins and some very big wind machines. The smoke was also filmed with a high frame-rate Red camera, for use as an animated asset.


The roll-fold invitation was digitally printed and tailored to the customers gender and rewards scheme tier. We also produced a less elaborate postcard mailer.

The front of a womenswear DM showing a standing mannequin who’s dress is disintegrating into orange somke. A series of shots showing the wemenswear DM opening process, which reveals more of the smoke motif as it unrolls. The front of a menswear DM showing a standing mannequin who’s coat is disintegrating into orange somke. A series of shots showing the menswear DM opening process, which reveals more of the smoke motif as it unrolls.


In addition to the printed invitations we emailed an invite, reminder and final reminder to each customer. Each of these were personalised in the same manner as the printed piece. The smoky, orange device was used across too as a digital signpost.

A womenswear email that uses the female mannequin and orange smoke. A menswear email that uses the male mannequin and orange smoke.


Harrods is a large department store so signage is very important. The orange smoke motif was a clear link to the invitations customers had received. It effectively signposted sale items. We produced thousands or signs, stickers and tags along with beautifully animated smoky digital displays for the stores’ plasma screen network. Outside the store, door signs and more plasma screens were utilized.

Tags printed with orange smoke are used to draw customers attention to sale items and recall the invitations they received. A close-up photo of on of the tags. One of the orange sale tags used as a bag tag. An A5 table-top sign using a female mannequin and orange smoke to draw customers to sale items in the womenswear department. Stickers printed with oragne smoke stuck to sneakers to let customers know they are on sale. Adverts for the sale played on huge plasma screens with billoing orange smoke. Plasma screens advertising the sale on the exterior of Harrods.