The Lunch of a Lifetime

Guidebook cover for the Identita event. It shows the logo with seven spoons and thirteen stars that represent the chefs and a criss-cross pattern used across the event.

Identita Event promotion & Branding

Email design by Martin Matthews, event photography by Eamonn McCormack

The Lunch of a Lifetime was an event held with Identita London in Harrods’ Georgian Restaurant. Seven Italian chefs, holding 13 Michelin stars between them, each prepared a course for customers. Identita aims to promote Italian cuisine through events.

I designed an identity for the event, Invitations aimed at Harrods’ food customers, digital invites, menus and signage (both printed and digital) enamel badges for staff and a commemorative plate. The logo was embroidered onto the chefs’ jackets.

A spread from the booklet featuring information about Carlo Cracco and Enrico and Roberto Cerea. A spread from the booklet featuring information about Luciano Monosilio and Davide Scabin. A spread from the booklet featuring information about Gennaro Esposito and Massimo Bottura. An email in the campaign style inviting Harrods food customers to the event. The menu, showin the dishes being prepared by the seven chefs. A commemorative porcelain plate made by Pillivuyt, France. A photo of a menu on a table setting at the event. A photo of the logo embroidered on a chef’s jacket. A photo of the chefs together, the logo is on most of theit jackets as well as on a large back wall behind the kitchen.