Mini Harrods at Christmas

A hero image for the magazine story. This shows Oska-Poska waking up to find everything is frozen solid.

Illustrations for Harrods Children’s Magazine

Story by Deb Bee, magazine layout by Natalie Mosquera.

Illustrations for a story in Harrods Children’s Magazine that ties the Mini-Harrods club and the Christmas store theme together. They were based on a fantastic animation created by Studio Mainframe (give it a watch here). It combines scenes from the animated film with the illustration style I’d developed for Mini-Harrods.

An illustration of Harvey McNaughty, casting a freezing spell at Harrods. An illsutration of some of the other Toy Kingdom characters frozen by Harvey’s spell. An illustration of Hugh the bear trying to get a message to Santa on the roof of Harrods. An illustration of Santa arriving to save the day. The story, laid out in the magazine.