The front of the gatefold DM showing two Harrods Green Men waiting to open the doors to the store. Details are picked out in gold foil. The back of the DM with space for an address. It shows a window display at Harrods.

Annual CRM Marketing comms

Reactivation is an annual CRM campaign that aims to entice once regular customers back to Harrods. The Green Man characters formed part of a wider series of CRM triggered communications. The main DM was personalised in a variety of ways with a second small run of upscale invitations going out to lapsed customers high up the rewards scheme.

The main DM features a gate-folded digital print with gold foil on the front and back. The more lavish invitation features duplexed Colorplan Natural with turquoise painted edges in matching Colorplan Turquoise envelope that was silver foiled and then addressed by a Calligrapher.

The DM, open, showing two more Green Men holding lots of shopping. The front of the contact update invitation showing lots of Harrods Green Men enjoying afternoon tea. The back of the contact update invitation showing a larger illustration of Harrods Green Men enjoying afternoon tea. A turquoise and silver foil envelope for posting the upscale invitations out in.  A photo showing the turquoise painted edges of the invitations.