Sarah & Jon

The front of the wedding invitation, with illustrations of Jon and Sarah. The back of the wedding invitation with an S and J monogram and the date of the wedding.

Wedding stationery for Sarah & Jon’s big day

Illustrative wedding stationery for my friends, Sarah and Jon. The project features them enjoying memorable times together applied to the invitation and some of the stationery at the wedding itself.

The front cover of the wedding guide showing an illustration of Jon and Sarah.

Invitation packs

Beyond the invitation itself, the packs contained a 6pp roll-fold guide to the weekend and tiny yes or no cards with a tiny envelope. The outer envelope was an octagonal wrap filled with illustrations of the couple, held shut by a sticker. As the recipient opens the wrap, more of the design and illustration is revealed.

The wedding guide half open. It shows the country house the wedding was in and a marquee. The wedding guide opened flat revealing more contextural illustrations (Jon and Sarah serving food for the food guide, for example). Yes! and No! RSVP cards. The front of the octagonal wrap/envelope for the invitations. The front has space for the address. The back of the octagonal wrap/envelope for the invitations. The back is held shut by a sticker. The wrap half open revealing the first elements of the illustration inside. It shows Jon and Sarah talking to each other with cups and string. The wrap open flat showing illsutrations of Jon and Sarah enjoying times together. The cover of a booklet I made for the best man speech. A photo of all of the place names I made for the wedding. Much fun.